Mothman – Night Creep


Mothman in creep-mode has entered the chat.

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Mothman doin’ what Mothman does best…creepin’ at night.

I used smudged white eyeshadow was a way to create the atmospheric effects of the glowing moon and depth of background without digital alteration. I also wanted to bring back a technique I haven’t used in a while for the environment on this, which is the blown ink technique. Dotting different shades of grey and black ink along the bottom and lower edges on the sides of the paper, I then take a compressed air can and strategically spray to manipulate the ink in interesting ways that turns out looking like twigs and brush that Mothman could creep around in. I don’t typically create a lot of environments, and while this is a pretty simple one, it was fun to do something a little different than my typical graphic style.

Originally created with paint pen, blown ink, and white eyeshadow on black paper over marbled paper, and mounted on silver paper.

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Small 5×7, Large 11×14