Creating art has been Joanna’s greatest passion since first picking up a pencil. Initially inspired by dinosaurs, animals, and cartoons, she drew almost everyday and hasn’t stopped. This love took her to the Kansas City Art Institute to learn animation. After achieving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011, her interest shifted to more illustrative works with a focus on fan art and original characters.
 Recent years have brought her closer to her own voice by inventing original, bold imagery that merges ideas from the natural world with mysterious themes in a style that is heavily influenced by tattoo art. However, her love for dinosaurs was never a phase, and she still loves drawing them the most.
Born, raised, and currently creating in Kansas City, MO with her husband Justin and their 2 dogs, Pepper and Stella.

Professional Works

Big Rip Brewing Co Mural

Forest with blue-toned sunset, starry sky, and hidden sci-fi elements, 80’x20′ mural. Completed in June 2021 over the course of 4 months. Had a lot of fun incorporating easter eggs, scattering them throughout.

Gamers for Good

Accepted art piece for Gamers for Good charity art book publication. Done with pen, marker, and colored pencil.