The Last Thylacine


“Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

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It is estimated there were around 5,000 Thylacines in Tasmania at the time of European settlement. However, excessive hunting, combined with factors such as habitat destruction and introduced disease, led to the rapid extinction of the species. The last known member of the species died in captivity at Beaumaris Zoo in Hobert, in 1936, when it died of exposure after being left outside overnight.” – per the National Museum of Austrailia and

This piece is a reminder that we as humans share this world with creatures that were here before us, and they are important and should be respected. This baby Thylacine cries, encircled by dried autumn leaves, with the threat of extinction just over his shoulder symbolized by a death’s head hawk moth.

Reference pose taken from a photo I took of a baby squirrel we found that had fallen from our tree, brought him inside to keep him warm and alive overnight, and reunited with his mother after a bad storm caused damage to our tree and their nest in 2023.

Originally created with pen, marker, colored pencil, and paint pen on yellow-toned Artagain recycled paper.

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