Upside Down


She’s our friend and she’s crazy!

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Drawn during the height of the hype when the show was still relatively new, this piece was a blast to work on! Sticking with my cutouts and marbled paper combo that has become a signature in a lot of my work, I also called on this blown ink technique to get some really interesting texture on the lower half of the work to imitate the vines and tendrils of the Upside Down world. The Demogorgon skin undulations and pale, sickly tones with slimy, shiny bits really highlight how disgusting (but also really cool) the monster is.

Originally created with pen, marker, and colored pencil on bristol board with cutouts, mounted over marbled paper and india ink. The Demogorgon saliva was added digitally in post.

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Small 6.5×8, Large 11×14, XL 14×17