Planet Comicon 2024 in the Books!

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This past convention weekend was a wild one to say the least! I’ve never had so many technical struggles at an event, or seen that kind of insane turnout in my life. Even though this was my third go specifically at Planet Comicon KC, I still learned quite a bit, and am already planning for some changes to my display for next year.

I noticed a lot of folks having to wait to see what was on my table, and flipping through the many pages of my print book takes way too long, so I aim to change both of those elements next time. Also, definitely paying for the private server wifi! Our connection was so bad, and we certainly weren’t the only ones struggling with the overloaded signal. It was a problem for many vendors and attendees alike. Addressing what I can on my end I think will help create an easier customer experience and a smoother operation for myself.

Despite the issues, I did overall have a great experience interacting with new people visiting for the first time, (shout out to some especially patient individuals while the technical difficulties were at their worst), and I was so happy to see a few familiar faces as well! If you missed out, I’ll definitely let everyone know when and where I’ll be popping up next, so stay tuned!

Cheers! – Jo