Commission Examples

Below are a few examples of some different sizes, specialty possibilities, and prices to give you ideas for your own custom piece. Materials, complexity, size, and other variables will effect the final price. Other sizes, coloring styles, specialty materials, level of detail, and techniques shown throughout my portfolio also available, just ask!


  • Black paper base
  • Acrylic paint, metallic ink
  • Cut-out background with specialty gold paper
  • Simpler detail with few elements (crocodile head, floral, dagger, simple background shape)
  • $175


  • Blue toned paper base
  • Monochromatic color scheme
  • High detail figure with lots of linework and shading
  • Minimal elements (no background, few additional details)
  • $260


    • Bristol board base
    • Full color
    • Cut-out background with specialty marbled paper
    • Very high-detail figure in dynamic pose
    • Lots of linework and complex shading, more detailed elements (dinosaur skin, leaves and water) with cross-hatched background
    • $445